Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

In The Jungle

When reopening these folders, I found this picture. Unfortunately, too bad if forgotten. So, I thought better to make post it today. :-)

This photo was taken in one forest in my hometown. The forest is vast, captive deer in the middle there. Actually, this beautiful forest, but a little dirty. Nothing terrible impression in the woods. absolutely nothing

Sun Shine so bright

See, my face become strype by the sun flare

Messy me

Flowery Flat shoes by Yongky Komaladi

 What I wore -- N.y.L.a dress , moms floppy hat

 I wish to thank to WB WILAPA as  favorite photographers, and friends who have helped in making this photo. Simple, but very memorable. I yearn for the day. Thanks to Mbah Cokro (not the real name) and Danez as the lighting man, and Mas Suwung as the second photographer with his InfraRed camera.. You know, I Love You All. :-)

Do you want to see how was the situation when we made this pict?? Here it is..
Our Fave Tree, but now the tree was gone.. T.T
My luply Photographer
Mbah Cokro
Mas Suwung

Me with My lovely Photographer, Wb Wilapa

Good Day everyone.. See you soon.. Love You all.. :-*

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lovely photos!

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