Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Let's Live a healthy Life

Yesterday is Sunday.. The day of doing some activities to burn calories in my body. In some big cities, like Jakarta and Surabaya, Sunday is car free day in one of the main road. Car free day encourages motorists to give up their car for a day. Organized events are held in some cities and countries. Morning gymnastics, futsal games, jogging, bicycling, badminton, karate, an on-street library and musical performances take over the road. 

Car Free Day aims to disseminate to the public to reduce dependency on motor vehicles. This activity is usually driven by activists who are engaged in environment and transport. Important theme in day-free motor vehicles, motor vehicles are left at home and walk kakilah or use non-motorized vehicles or using public transport for long journeys.

This activity is very good, I think. In addition to reducing congestion and pollution, I could enjoy the city of Surabaya with cycling with my friends. In addition, I also can apply a healthy lifestyle by exercising it .. So, let's start a healthy lifestyle with exercise on Sunday morning. At least, so we have to throw  calories in our bodies. :-)

From left: Dian's bike, My Bike, Harnis,s Bike

 What i was wearing yesterday

Hat : vintage
Top : inner i wore my mom shirt, outter: rapper shirt from local boutique
Pants : legging from trisset
Shoes: converse

Sometimes I wore:

From left: Dian, Me, Harnis
Nice to share something with you..  Thanks for stopping by at my blog, and a pride if you want to take the time to provide comments.
See you soon, Love you all... :-*

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yes! i love biking. looking good

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cute outfit
: - ( i dont know how to ride a bike

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great posstt !
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glisters and blisters

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