Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

They stole my heart

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Whim I see  any photos posted on other blogs. All inspiring me. And most I like, each blog has a different character, but one the same, they like the HAT. And here are a few that I liked.

Flaring White
White is the color of simple, but it looks so elegant, pure and clean. See, How Glow and flaring color it is.

Georgeus Devon
I really Love of the photo of Devon. See it in aoki-devon.  Muchmuchmuch love it so much
Girl In Black

The True Colour
I saw a very interesting colors in this photo. This photo was taken from the blog thedrifterandthegypsy , knighttcat, studdedhearts. I like The tonal, like the true color, and do not miss the charming outfit.
Lovly color and hats

 Look, almost all have hats right? That's why I really like hats

2 komentar:

Tara mengatakan...

love the photos , especially Devon Saoki, she's rock !!! :)

fhen mengatakan...

lovely inspiring images!
i love devon aoki <3

little miss fhenny