Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

In a Fine Day

In early morning on one fine day, He picked me up, then he said 'oke, lets take photo!'. Finally, he agreed to take a photo together. Actually its a fine saturday morning ever.. A bright light, a bright sun, warm and really nice day to take photo.. And i choose to used a vintage blue dress which i bought it from local butique. Vintage look added by my necklace from mom, than unbranded rings and bracelet always accompanied me. Than a last touch from my shoes from Marry Jane, i really like it.

And this is the photographer.. My lovely boyfie.. :-) . And the result of taking photo together will be aploaded soon.. 
Have a good day everyone..

Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Simple thing to start

I just realized that nothing could be as perfect as human beings. Life is so wonderful if we know all the secrets to live it. Such a poem or a songs that says ' It takes a crane to build a crane, It takes two floors to make a story, it takes an egg to makes a hen, and It takes a hen to make an egg , there is no end to what i;m saying'.
For me, its all 
confusing at first. In fact, if viewed all started from something simple. Such as, It takes a thought to make a word, and it takes some words to make an action.. See, all started with a simple thing.

Like it takes a night to make it dawn, just realized that it takes some old to make you young, It takes some colds to know the sun.. It takes the dust to make it polished.. And I'm sure, we would feel to have someone when that person has gone. Such a poem says : It takes a loss to make you found it.. 

In life people come and go, and I just wish I had a control over those who stay and those who leave. And I wish memories were like photos, so I could delete the bad ones and save the good ones. :-D . As my life lately, is  a very very very thrilling, with a final project in college that made all the circadian rhythms on a mess and chaotic. Paper or called it thesis with ended in January , 13th ,  and i do nothing till now. I just give a little progress of the proposal, and when the others are scheduled for thesis examination, I was actually scheduled for sitting on speeding ticket. DAMN!
things go wrong, and shit happens. But remember: life goes on. 
my life recently is just to read all the book to complete my degree, and one Andrea's novel for healing my brain LOL   
outfit: Black and white vintage dress, Gaudi shock, shoes from Top Shop, vintage purse. Mom necklace..

Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Another Paradise

Someday this will probably be difficult. Mainly because my  unfinished task. More difficult because of my boyfriend who was in a high degree of difficulty on his job that required him to stay at the clinic from morning until evening. And at night he used to study and sleep (as usual). And imagine how difficult if not met him in a day, and this must be gone through for 3 months. DAMN!

And because I do not want to make it fail, I try to fill these days with something fun, provided it is not remembered with the unfinished duties and thesis .

 i wore LM for hardware bowler hat, magnolia blouse, unbranded pants, Charles and Keith shoes, vintage purse from mommy.

Yes, I start with a very bright that morning, I planned out with friends. Feel the fresh air, feel the sun which at the time was very hard, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. And my soul felt completely like in paradise. Yes, the world is a paradise if we enjoy it and be grateful for it. Living in the earth, feel the air, water, green plants, the heat of the sun, fall in love, crying, laughing, friends, family. This world will be very beautiful.

Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Blowing Wind with the Sun

Lately the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes I feel very hot, but when the rains came, the rain won't stop. I love  rain, but also likes to stand staring at the sunshine .. How important these two elements. One more thing, I love the light wind. If the wind met the sun will seem perfect to me. I can't imagine how beautiful this world, which has the wind, rain, and sunshine. And thank God I can feel all the elements  today.

 today im wearing:
vintage lace top
handmade floral skirt
necklace and bracelet

all photograph by Harnis and adited by my self.. 

Sabtu, 26 November 2011

A verry Vintage Red Dress

Today is very sunny, but somehow I feel very lazy. Just want to sit at my desk, while enjoying the music. And at noon he call and ask me to refresh the brain for a moment .. Thank you so much because you have become my mood booster today..

And when
arrive at the boarding house, I immediately opened the closet and pick out an outfit. And tried to make me proper vintage. And, walaaa .. I found a red vintage dress of my sister. To add extravagant accent I added a gray lace shirt from a local boutique.
A touch of vintage also visible on the belt that I wear .. I found it at the atom mall. You see the shoes I wear?? It is handmade shoes since I was a junior high school. And now it can still be used.....

Red vintage dress : a gift from my sister
lace shirt : local boutique in atom mall
belt : atom mall
black vintage shoes : hand made

photograph by my boarding house friend, Epsilonita. Edited by my self.

Because my internet connection is very slow today, I can not tell you much about these days ... Thank you my boyfriend who had picked me up and asked me to go.
I like vintage, and hope continues to provide inspiration about vintage things .

Kamis, 24 November 2011

I feel Like a Princess

People come and go in this world. Birth, death, all have been determined. Man was created to love one another. When you begin to realize just how life is very meaningful, make one change for sure. And make sure that tomorrow is more beautiful than today. Many choices in life, and each person must have a weak spot where he can not choose. dont be like that! Choosing is the last thing I like, but should I live.

Today I feel that the world is very beautiful .. Enjoy the natural scenery with morning air is still clean. It was a very happy thing. Although people will say otherwise. Sometimes I think, every action that I do will surely get various opinions from others. Not everyone believes that what I do is good. Sometimes they condemn it, gossip and sometimes add to the bad story.

Yes, I was very concerned about what they said. With what they say about me. But now I realized it was useless. They do not understand all about me. And  they also don't know how to stand on my position. From that moment I did it all without thinking about whether this will be gossiped about other people. I'm Not Afraid of change. I may end up losing something good, but I Will Probably end up gaining something better.

 To refresh my mind, I took a walk to enjoy nature wearing brown polka-dot  dress from N.Y.L.A. With the addition of a vintage big brown hat. I feel like a princess that day. To be comfortable to walk on purpose I'm wearing brown wedges from YSL. Thanks for R Aditya Wisnu  for the love and the beautiful photo session with you, and thanks for the photo : Tubagus Agnizarridlo , Deddy Desmar.

wedges are damaged after the session

Remember, just do what do you want to do. Haters don't hate you. They hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they want to be. And the words that I always remember, that no matter how hard we try, there will be people out there who work just as hard to thwart our efforts