Rabu, 25 Juni 2014


Back to the day when me and my friends got crazy. One day off from office, i spent the day to went back to my home town, Blitar. Started in the morning and back in the night. I started the trip to Soekarno's Grave yard. Soekarno was Indonesia's first president. In front of the cemetery was built a huge library. Almost all various books are avalaible there. In the afternoon, we moved into Penataran Temple. We only took 15 minutes from Soekarno's Grave Yard to Penataran Temple. 
I used to wore my comfortable outfit when i got my trip. Monochrome for that day. Plaid shirt for the outer from uniqlo, combined by black tank top and black ripped jeans. And the most comfortable shoes from Merrell.

What i wore:
Plaid shirt from Uniqlo
Ripped jeans from Lea Vintage
White Shades from Rayban
Flat Shoes from Merrell

Photo by Harnis Agustiningsih

Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Beach and Post Eruption Mountain

Helo (again) fellas..
Meet again with me. I stop writing for few month, but i didn't stop to had my trip.. This year, i decided to get around Indonesia during my working time. Did i ever tell you that i've moved from Surabaya to a smaller town? yea, i moved to Kediri, stilll East Java.
And i started my journey to a beach near my new hometown, Karangdongso Beach. These beach actually located in district of Trenggalek. It took almost 2 hours driving from Kediri to that beach. And the beach was totally georgeus! here some picture from the beach.

After that, we move to another beach,  but so sory i forget the name. The new beach is narrower than Karangdongso. But i love that beach, Quiet and clean. here the pics

And after an hour spending my time on that beach, i moved to north of my new hometown, headed to the mountain that have just erupted, Kelud. From south to the north, oh called me crazy. LOL.  We took 3 hours to go to the mountain. One day, 3 destination. Great Day.

 i was wore:
Levi's crop jacket
Rayban sunnies
Saint Laurent bag from TB Dress
Cole Vintage dress