Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

In The Jungle

When reopening these folders, I found this picture. Unfortunately, too bad if forgotten. So, I thought better to make post it today. :-)

This photo was taken in one forest in my hometown. The forest is vast, captive deer in the middle there. Actually, this beautiful forest, but a little dirty. Nothing terrible impression in the woods. absolutely nothing

Sun Shine so bright

See, my face become strype by the sun flare

Messy me

Flowery Flat shoes by Yongky Komaladi

 What I wore -- N.y.L.a dress , moms floppy hat

 I wish to thank to WB WILAPA as  favorite photographers, and friends who have helped in making this photo. Simple, but very memorable. I yearn for the day. Thanks to Mbah Cokro (not the real name) and Danez as the lighting man, and Mas Suwung as the second photographer with his InfraRed camera.. You know, I Love You All. :-)

Do you want to see how was the situation when we made this pict?? Here it is..
Our Fave Tree, but now the tree was gone.. T.T
My luply Photographer
Mbah Cokro
Mas Suwung

Me with My lovely Photographer, Wb Wilapa

Good Day everyone.. See you soon.. Love You all.. :-*

Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Let's Live a healthy Life

Yesterday is Sunday.. The day of doing some activities to burn calories in my body. In some big cities, like Jakarta and Surabaya, Sunday is car free day in one of the main road. Car free day encourages motorists to give up their car for a day. Organized events are held in some cities and countries. Morning gymnastics, futsal games, jogging, bicycling, badminton, karate, an on-street library and musical performances take over the road. 

Car Free Day aims to disseminate to the public to reduce dependency on motor vehicles. This activity is usually driven by activists who are engaged in environment and transport. Important theme in day-free motor vehicles, motor vehicles are left at home and walk kakilah or use non-motorized vehicles or using public transport for long journeys.

This activity is very good, I think. In addition to reducing congestion and pollution, I could enjoy the city of Surabaya with cycling with my friends. In addition, I also can apply a healthy lifestyle by exercising it .. So, let's start a healthy lifestyle with exercise on Sunday morning. At least, so we have to throw  calories in our bodies. :-)

From left: Dian's bike, My Bike, Harnis,s Bike

 What i was wearing yesterday

Hat : vintage
Top : inner i wore my mom shirt, outter: rapper shirt from local boutique
Pants : legging from trisset
Shoes: converse

Sometimes I wore:

From left: Dian, Me, Harnis
Nice to share something with you..  Thanks for stopping by at my blog, and a pride if you want to take the time to provide comments.
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Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Retro Clasic of Peneleh Graveyard

Hello again...
So glad to be back writing in this blog after some of  my business in this week. And it seems set to continue busy, busy, and more busy..

Ok, lets begin write this post with some story it this week. started from Peneleh Graveyard. Some time ago my friend, you could say old friend, invited me to take photos. Because it had long been taking photos, I finally agreed. But it's not just me who photographed. There are Febi Alfasa an Ratih participating. 

That day was the first time I went in and saw exotism of tomb built in 1814. Though this place is not just a cemetery of invaders. In land area of ​​4.5 hectares will tell you a lot about the dark history of this country. But occasionally go into this tomb complex. Notice every detail of grave ornaments,  the remaining buildings and doric Gotic logo that already steps in this country still scattered. Observe unique sculptures Roman berkarekter, unfortunately most of the damage. Please read all the inscriptions in the tombs of this because the life story of ordinary people who die from a stone inscription written in marble or cast iron. even the tomb of a vice president of the company has a board of pine VOC India which remain durable. Step deeper into the edge of the tomb, and find the graves of Governor-General Pieter Merkus which lost nearly inedible shrubs. In fact this is the only top official in the Dutch East Indies which was buried in Peneleh, he left the puzzle at the end hudupnya. Merkus only the highest officials in this country who died in office, moved in Surabaya choice when pain becomes a question mark until now. Officials makam2 to-47 was born in Naarden, March 18, 1787 He died on August 2, 1844 at the age of 57 years. The inscription on the tomb Merkus nearly 170-year-old is still clearly readable.
Oke, lets see our Photos... :-)

I made ​​two themes in my photo edits this time. Some with vintage tone and some retro.

 When my boy received the results of this photograph, he said "why take a photo at the graveyard with an expression of a smile?" =======>>> (-'-)

 Looks scary indeed if the tomb was empty. But when I was there, I feel far from fear. I'm actually pleased and amazed by the beauty of each headstone.

Oh my, this is so bad tone. T.T

In fact, during the process of capturing images, we kept laughing and laughing
See, im over expresion. LOL

I feel so comfortable when im sitting there.. LOL. it just like my BIG BIG sofa

Left to right: My pretty friend Ratih, my bestie Ibe, and me

And, what i wore...
My Lovely heels from Top Shop

 Headband : i made it myself
dress : Top Shop
Stocking : Gaudi

Its really nice to take photo that day...

Big thanks to Dani Kusuma Who has been invited me to take photo with other.. And Ibe's Boyfriends Who had accompanied us to the end.

The blue shirt : Rizal Aqua, ibe's boyfie

The White swan among black swan is the photographer, Dani Kusuma
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