Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Friends ,,Love and Grief

When we talk about the meaning of best friend, what's on your mind?? In my humble opinion, they are always there when happy or sad moment. As the saying goes, A friends in need, is a friends in deed. I'm very grateful because I have friends who are very good. Although sometimes there are one or two that annoying, but they're fun. Besides my Bestie Febi, I have 5 unique friends on campus. We're always together, except when exams come. LOL. Please call us Dudulz. Yea, when I was with them,  there's just laughter and more laughter. Sometimes we make plans, but for whatever the reason the plan was always to fail. And if we do not plan, we can get what we want

Oke, Let me introduce them all, one by one.

Dian , or the highest one

Behold, how high he is. Dian really liked sports. Maybe that's what makes her very high. LOL. First Dian rather thin, but now She gaining weight. So, dian agreed to reduce her weight to 54. Hopefully quickly reached Dian.

See, the comparation between me and dian. Tiny me.

 Ratih, the most thin girl
 With the same height with me, and weight only 38, imagine how thin she was. Ratih is the kind of girl who really girly, cheerful, and friendly. But lately she likes to remain silent. But most make her unique is she's often late at college. 

Ratih and me
Ima, the Balinnese girl
Ima come from Bali. When she speaks, the Balinnese accent is still very attached to her. Among  five of us, she was the most intelligent girl, but beyond that, she was very very slow in catching our word. Because she was the one we often laugh together. She was sweet girl, funny and very smart. We heart u ima ..

see, how funny she is

Harnis, for Hari yang Manis
When We first saw her, surely you would think she's a bad girl, hard and unfriendly. Yes, because if we see her face when she is silent or angry, it's very scary. But actualy she is very good, very welcoming and friendly girl.Aamong us, she is who has a motherly nature. She used to lead us if we were still confused.
Funnily enough, that was her name stands for Hari yang Manis ======> Harnis

And, Me as Dika
I'm an ordinary girl with an average height of Indonesian people . Maybe if compared with the average height of American or European, I'm including the tiny girl. with height just only 160cm. I love ice cream, like photography, and like anything about art. Sometimes I can be cheerful, and sometimes i become very melow girl. But this is what I am. :-)

All five of us often do silly things. And its make us very happy. 

See u next time. I love u :-*

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fhen mengatakan...

all of your photos are adorable! and it's nice to see such sweet friendship of you girls!


michelle_ mengatakan...

i love these photos !
you all look pretty !

glisters and blisters

claradevi mengatakan...

lovely friendship photos1

Dika Dewi mengatakan...

all: thank you so much.. :-****