Senin, 28 Februari 2011

best with Bestie

Surabaya pretty heavy rain today. Fortunately I came home before the storm swept Surabaya. When I opening a scrapbook, i remember when me and my best friend travel to the WBL. Its so wonderfull. That time, we're off for Idul adha. Me and Febi  planed to have vacation for a while. And it occurred to WBL. Thanks God, Dimas joined us. Then we went  to the WBL foursome, me, Febi, Rizal (Febi's Boyfriend) and Dimas. 
We got to the WBL broad daylight. so, can you imagine how hot that time?? It's so Hot. But we're happy.. 

 1. Febi with Rizal -----> Friends of my life
2. Me wearing : floral top from N.Y.L.A , pants :topshop, hat given by friend from Bali, bags: GAUDI, 
3. Feels the wind
4. Floral sunglasses belonged Febi.
5.  Sandy girls with hats
6. Febi wearing : white top: local butique, pants:Local butique, bag: Ripcurl, hat from local stores in wbl, slipper: marie claire.
7. Dimas so sick with 2 girls. :-p
I think this picture could be a cover of DVD movie.

perfect lighting on us

duo doll

Do you think we look alike? or twins??

Febi's getting crazy 

 when we feel alone
Friends are angels who are willing to accompany us
and when we cry
friends wipe our tears up.

see you next time.. I love You :-*

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Ralat >___<
Itu bag ku punyak Ripcurl, bukan rumah warna >___<