Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Journey to The Town

Its my last holyday.. long holiday, lotta story to tell.. This morning, it felt so heavy to got up from my fluffy bed. Damn, the tomorow i have to face the reality, that i have morning lecturer everyday.. Mommy tryin to wake me up early as possible this morning. Then i woke up, n i had a text from my friends. He asked me toaccompany him to his friend's wedding party at Malang. And i said yes.. 
but i gonna be worse for me.. no dress, no heels, no make up. i lefted it in surabaya. oh my... so, i just tryin to get my simply beautifully... 
as my world i kwew from another blogspot, a girls should be 2 things, classy & fabullous..
I accompany Dimas to come to his friend wedding party.. I wore medium dress i bought in Sogo last year, bag :vintage.

Don't think it true.. its just act. Dimas wanna make a new gossip in his campus. :-P. heels: fleurrete

i started to used my old cameras, gift from my daddy.. :-)

macro, the red rose
Its gonna be fun when i start use my camera.. well, beautifull starts from the depest kind of heart. good night everyone.. :-*

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