Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

lets begin to write the story

hello... as a beginner writer, I hope this blog isn't so bad to be read. and hopefully I can get a lot of friends with this blog.
let introduce my self. I am Dika P. Dewi. My ex boyfriend called me akid. its good, but i think i shouldnt take those name anymore..Now, my bestfriend n my boyfriend's friends (confuse with this???) called me 'bison'.Not because i like a bison, its just caused by i wore the nickname "elf". In my city, elf is a car with called bison.
this is my pic taken by my boy.. Do u see the background?? beautiful, istn it?? 
actually me, love potograph so much, either my boy.. 

I like vintage, retro, and all beautiful things. But i have no time to to capture all things I like.Because Today I was in college at one public university in Surabaya, as a dentistry. 

Oke viewers, i really hope this blog isnt so bad. good night.. love u all. :-****

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