Rabu, 27 Agustus 2014

Bali Day 2 : Enjoying a Day

Day two, enjoyed the day just for brunch, shopping, took photo's and others..
We planed to woke up early in the morning just to chase the sunrise in the sanur, but sorry to say, jet lag made me can't woke up earlier.
Bali island has a lot of  beautiful place to be visited... Beach, lakes, mangrove, sea, oh everything look so beautiful there.. visit Indonesia, visit Bali. Than, tell me hows your days here.. 

what i wore:
vintage skirt from Zara
Pink lacey top from shop online
Rayban shade
Necklace and bracelet from Freija Fleur
Slipper from FLD

Photo By: Mara Gustina

Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014

Bali Day 1: Sunsetting

Arrived at Kuta at 4 a.m, and still had to looking for lodging because at that time no taxi or another transportation. Than at 5 a.m we found the lodging than took a rest for a while.
The first day destination was only relaxed arround Kuta. Shopping, eating, sightseeing and end with sunsetting on Kuta beach. And capturing every moment there and got mad with my buddy.

What i wore:
Uniqlo-id plaid shirt
Levi's Hot pant
Levi's Sunglasses 
Gaudi sling Bag

Photo By; Mara Gustina

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2014

Trip To Bali Island

One week traveling to Bali
One week with no busy patient,
One week i took a break for everything, for busy day, for task.
One week off from the office, to had laugh, tears, sad and madness with one of my very best friends only.
A week, started with backpack and ended with fancy trip. Trying all kind of transportation, fancy hotel till backpacker motels, trying 'nasi bungkus' and ended with fancy restaurant.
A week full to kill all my sadness, my heartbreak, and got 'new me'.
Here the picture diary of my full trip, and you can see my other post about the trip on next post (i promise).