Sabtu, 26 November 2011

A verry Vintage Red Dress

Today is very sunny, but somehow I feel very lazy. Just want to sit at my desk, while enjoying the music. And at noon he call and ask me to refresh the brain for a moment .. Thank you so much because you have become my mood booster today..

And when
arrive at the boarding house, I immediately opened the closet and pick out an outfit. And tried to make me proper vintage. And, walaaa .. I found a red vintage dress of my sister. To add extravagant accent I added a gray lace shirt from a local boutique.
A touch of vintage also visible on the belt that I wear .. I found it at the atom mall. You see the shoes I wear?? It is handmade shoes since I was a junior high school. And now it can still be used.....

Red vintage dress : a gift from my sister
lace shirt : local boutique in atom mall
belt : atom mall
black vintage shoes : hand made

photograph by my boarding house friend, Epsilonita. Edited by my self.

Because my internet connection is very slow today, I can not tell you much about these days ... Thank you my boyfriend who had picked me up and asked me to go.
I like vintage, and hope continues to provide inspiration about vintage things .

Kamis, 24 November 2011

I feel Like a Princess

People come and go in this world. Birth, death, all have been determined. Man was created to love one another. When you begin to realize just how life is very meaningful, make one change for sure. And make sure that tomorrow is more beautiful than today. Many choices in life, and each person must have a weak spot where he can not choose. dont be like that! Choosing is the last thing I like, but should I live.

Today I feel that the world is very beautiful .. Enjoy the natural scenery with morning air is still clean. It was a very happy thing. Although people will say otherwise. Sometimes I think, every action that I do will surely get various opinions from others. Not everyone believes that what I do is good. Sometimes they condemn it, gossip and sometimes add to the bad story.

Yes, I was very concerned about what they said. With what they say about me. But now I realized it was useless. They do not understand all about me. And  they also don't know how to stand on my position. From that moment I did it all without thinking about whether this will be gossiped about other people. I'm Not Afraid of change. I may end up losing something good, but I Will Probably end up gaining something better.

 To refresh my mind, I took a walk to enjoy nature wearing brown polka-dot  dress from N.Y.L.A. With the addition of a vintage big brown hat. I feel like a princess that day. To be comfortable to walk on purpose I'm wearing brown wedges from YSL. Thanks for R Aditya Wisnu  for the love and the beautiful photo session with you, and thanks for the photo : Tubagus Agnizarridlo , Deddy Desmar.

wedges are damaged after the session

Remember, just do what do you want to do. Haters don't hate you. They hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they want to be. And the words that I always remember, that no matter how hard we try, there will be people out there who work just as hard to thwart our efforts

Rabu, 16 November 2011

Me, and dont wanna be another.

I was never ashamed to be me. I'm not going to be someone else. Anything bad of me, whatever I'm doing bad, despicable whatever I like, that's me.
God created human beings as the most perfect creatures. My self, although not perfect, but God created a variety of beauty that is in me. With the perfect organs are very beautiful when in describing, with a very deep feeling that I have, and thoughts that can take me daydream.
When looking at other people, I realized I was not going to be like them. Because I invented this is how it is. When I want something from someone else owned, which I thought was perfect, I realized that would not fit with me. Because I'm not him/her, and he/her's not me. Once the almighty God's perfect creation called man. And God is so great

Thanks to R. Adit Wisnu and Tubagus Anizarridlo as a great photographer.Thanks to you guys who have been willing to perpetuate the me that is not perfect. We take pictures at the Surabaya zoo, which is said to animals start dying one by one .. I really hope the government will pay more attention to animals that live there and should not be forced to stay there.
I'm trying to create a true knot, but I didn't do it well

see, the zoo's ticket above my bracelet.. so embarasing.

 {White blouse: Local butik, skirt: Zara TRF colection, blue and white bangle: unbranded, local home made bracelet, vintage belt from mommy, Shoes : Charles N Keith}

Respecting myself is the way I loved myself. By not being someone else, or plagiarizing someone else. Each person is created to have advantages and disadvantages of each other, with different characteristics. And every picture that I post is a picture of my hallmark. This is me, I just wanna be me.. for me life is not for perfection, but to fill the imperfections. I wanna be what i wanna be.

Senin, 14 November 2011

Greeny Heart

Happy Monday everyone..
Some people says that Monday is the most lazy day..  But it's not so..
Today i just wanna write something uncomfortable in my head. Something I like to point out.. Little thing that can make us so crazy, little thing called Love.

In simple words, I miss u... In earthly language, u are my life... In Total simplicity, the kindness is of your skin..
Today, i wander in my memory.. I’m pasing around on the end of this way.. You’re still holding me tightly, even though i can’t see you any more..I’m losing my way again.. I’m praying to the sky i want see you and hold you more.. that i want to see you and hold you more
It can’t be if it’s not you.. I can’t be without you. It’s okay if i’m hurt for a day and a year like this..It’s fine even if my heart’s hurts.. Yes because i’m just in love with you

I’m praying to the sky i want see you and hold you more.. that i want to see you and hold you more

 Outfit : Green jacket from Pinkle Winkle , Red trifted shirt from zarra basic, and unbranded black jeans..
Dont look  at my sandals because this is very embarrassing.. LOL