Senin, 14 November 2011

Greeny Heart

Happy Monday everyone..
Some people says that Monday is the most lazy day..  But it's not so..
Today i just wanna write something uncomfortable in my head. Something I like to point out.. Little thing that can make us so crazy, little thing called Love.

In simple words, I miss u... In earthly language, u are my life... In Total simplicity, the kindness is of your skin..
Today, i wander in my memory.. I’m pasing around on the end of this way.. You’re still holding me tightly, even though i can’t see you any more..I’m losing my way again.. I’m praying to the sky i want see you and hold you more.. that i want to see you and hold you more
It can’t be if it’s not you.. I can’t be without you. It’s okay if i’m hurt for a day and a year like this..It’s fine even if my heart’s hurts.. Yes because i’m just in love with you

I’m praying to the sky i want see you and hold you more.. that i want to see you and hold you more

 Outfit : Green jacket from Pinkle Winkle , Red trifted shirt from zarra basic, and unbranded black jeans..
Dont look  at my sandals because this is very embarrassing.. LOL

11 komentar:

Blonde hair, Blue jeans mengatakan...

lovely pics :)

Fenny mengatakan...

love your green jacket :)


Nixie Pyrena mengatakan...

great scenery ! love the colour of your jacket :)

have a nice day!
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devorelebeaumonstre. mengatakan...

pretty. :)

Sidney Salim mengatakan...

Beautiful pictures! I love your green jacket.

I'm following you, dearhee. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)
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Jazzy E (Hivenn) mengatakan...

So stunning. x hivenn

Damycool mengatakan...

Amazing pictures!!! You have great style! Following you now! O hope you can visit my blog
Kisses from Panama!

pranandafitri mengatakan...

This place was really wonderfull.. since I also live in surabaya.. can u tell us where is it? :D

And if you wanna get a lace top, come to our shop
thx dear.. :D

Dika Dewi mengatakan...

Holla ananda: nice to now you.. It took place on Blitar.. maybe someday we can take photo together for our blogs.. :-)
And maybe i'll buy something on ur shop.. :-)

pranandafitri mengatakan...

Blitar? wow..
That will be really nice plan bella... :) :) ;)

pinkle winkle mengatakan...

hi bella tengs for wearing Pinkle Winkle stuff yaa .. lets get fast our newest product :)