Sabtu, 05 November 2011



hello again..
nice to see my blog is still alive..
first, Let me say sorry b'cz for long time i didnt write even once.. it cause my project at campus, and my little trouble..
then, let me tell you bout my activity recently..
I just doing a student activity, than do my  thesis. And thanks God everything went very smoothly.

As long as I do not write posts here, I'm looking for inspiration about the future of this blog. And i think to replace it with a vintage blog. Lots of photos  I want to post here .. and maybe after this I will return to active posting interesting things and of course about fashion here ..
thanks always been my blog friend ..
Big Love.. :-*

3 komentar:

Wynne Prasetyo mengatakan...

you've been busy with school stuffs? i know the feeling :( good luck with everything!


hey dear,

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the-caramel-lady mengatakan...

very nice photos :)