Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Me N friends Projects

Its been so long I dont write here.. It felt like I really wanted to write a lot of things that I experienced lately. But many things that made ​​me not do it. And finally today I just have a little spare time to write about something interesting.
This time I will not talking about the outfit, or the clothes I wear. Right now Me and my friend are running the project. At the national level could say, if we had escaped later. Now It's still a regional stage. Well, in this project we have to create an idea, other than the other. Then if our ideas make sense, Higher Education which will provide funds to us to run our project. And the result of our proposal is received by DIKTI, and they provide funds for our project.
And this is the result of our ideas, create dental educational comic. The name of this comic is DECCO. The comic. This comic includes education about how we take care of your teeth, and keeping it healthy, and invite the children to always keep their teeth and mouth. 
Decco and his twins, Recco

Front cover of the comic.

Decco, name of one of the characters in this story. This comic is not boring, and yet it is very interesting. Decco  will be issued up to 5 series, but for the first launch, we just issued its first series. So, check this out.. For now, this comic avalaible just in Surabaya...  for more information, just click this : Decco Comic
This is a little bit about my comic project . hopefully pleasing ..
Soft Launching Decco

The comic as the product
 Thanks for you everyones, see you soon.. Love you all.. :-*

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