Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

Lady Laces

Hello fellas.. Do you know that i do love laces.. It start from when i visited a fabric store in Surabaya. That time i was looking for material for kebaya, during selecting kebaya, i saw some beautiful laces, And now i love laces.. Sometimes i go to 'Jembatan Merah Plaza' just to buy laces. Made some top, or dresses, or skirt with thoose laces.. Its so delightfull. Some people think that laces are outmoded, but with new design it can be a wonderfull outfit.. Today i choose peplum top made from laces, i bought in chinese market on Surabaya called 'Atum Mall", And that strecth skirt i also found it on Atum Mall. And because Surabaya was very hot, sunnies and hat was required..

 I was wore:
top laces and stretch skirt from chinese market in Surabaya
Rayban Clubmaster from online shop
LM for Hardware clutch
Freddie Freddie wedges
brown floppy hat from Hongkong
Bracelet from freija fleur

Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

Red and Stripes

Hello felas.. It has been a busy week for me.. yeah, while completing clinical requirements, I had to make some design bracelets and other accessories for my online store. A week ago I had eye surgery, and now i'm on recovery phase. So, you know  it feels like completing all the work with one eye. hahaha. Caring patients with one eye, designing with one eye, reading with one eye. And oh hai, now I just have to take care of one patient and I will be graduating soon. Wish me Luck guys.. 
And this are some outfit photos I took before I eye surgery.


What i wore:simplicity
 dresslevi's sunnies 
decimal shoes pumps
red purses from Febe by Hana

Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

Summer or Fall

Hello fellas..
Its summer at my country, but look at this .. trees begin to shed their leaves. Feels like fall. Lately I was a little busy with my clinical requirements. And thanks to my boy for continuing to support me in every step I take. I wore this outfit 2 weeks ago when I went with him.

i was wearing:
Lace outer i bought from hongkong
grandma's skirt
marie claire wedges
bracelet from freija fleur 
randolph Aviator USA sunnies
bag from china