Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

Red and Stripes

Hello felas.. It has been a busy week for me.. yeah, while completing clinical requirements, I had to make some design bracelets and other accessories for my online store. A week ago I had eye surgery, and now i'm on recovery phase. So, you know  it feels like completing all the work with one eye. hahaha. Caring patients with one eye, designing with one eye, reading with one eye. And oh hai, now I just have to take care of one patient and I will be graduating soon. Wish me Luck guys.. 
And this are some outfit photos I took before I eye surgery.


What i wore:simplicity
 dresslevi's sunnies 
decimal shoes pumps
red purses from Febe by Hana

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Abigail mengatakan...

Love the print of the dress! Following back (:

Abigail x

Krystel mengatakan...

Love this look just beautiful <3

Blond Yasmin mengatakan...

I really like this look :)

Simplybeautifulelegant mengatakan...

great post! would you like to follow eachother?

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nonnapuffo mengatakan...

Love this outfit. So simple so chic

mochaccinoland mengatakan...

such a pretty look!


Ru B mengatakan...

I love your dress so much!!
I would love to follow each other, followed you on GFC.
Waiting for your follow back. :)

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Katta mengatakan...

Amazing inspiration. I really enjoy it!
Please give me more pretty stuff like that. I LOVE IT!


Anonim mengatakan...

Love your outfit :)

Saféha mengatakan...

Lovely dress ! You look very pretty!

Would you like to follow each other?


Dinda Nayaredhanty mengatakan...

the background is so nice! your photos are in high quality too... keep it up! :)

mind following back?

sara josephine - sartob mengatakan...

love the stripey dress! what is wrong with your eyes, hun? r u better now ;)


Amalia Fajrina mengatakan...

sweet outfit <3

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Love your blog!!!
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Simplybeautifulelegant mengatakan...

great post. would you like to follow eachother?

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I'm amazed!
You have such a gorgeous style and you look like a super model
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Melissa mengatakan...

Looking good on you!