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Bella Lune, The word comes from the "Bella" meaning beautiful, and "Luna" which means moon. With the intention to take the theme of the beauty of the moon, so I took those words. Bella Luna.
I started writing this blog in late 2010. Starting from took a look other vintage blog, I was determined to create a blog like that. This blog is actually leading to a vintage fashion blog, but I slipped a little story of my life in it. I dedicate this blog for lovers of art, photography and fashion. also for bloggers around the world. I like travelling, reading, such an weirdo people using thick glasses and pimples on face. Blogging can reduce my pimples and know other bloggers or fellas. 
Do you know that i like to go everywhere i can to eliminate stress. Backpacking or some fancy trip. Than, i decide to travel arround Indonesia first. Indonesia has a lot of beautiful place. Beaches, mountains, hills, lakes, forests, rivers and a lot of histerical heritages. I will go abroad after i finish visiting all those tourist destination in Indonesia. I will show you the beauty of Indonesia. Than, let me know about your country.
Greetings from me, follow my blog journey continues.

Me, Dika Purnama Dewi.
Called me Dika,. I just ordinary girl , with 160 cm of heigh.. So tiny.. I loved to be loved, and wanna be i wanna be..
I like anything about vintage, retro and kind of it. Jazz is my music. And newbie in photography..
thanks for visiting my blog, and dont forget to follow.

with Love
~ dika ~

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