Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Reddish Wednesday

Behind the old factory

My Vintage Camera, gifted by My Beloved Dadd

I use to have some vintage stuff.. But to receive a gift that obviously meant a great deal to my Dad, is priceless. When I opened the back closet, I found the black box on top of some other stuff, I picked it up and it turns out it was a vintage camera.

Today early in the morning,Surabaya was cloudy and rainy briefly. Luckily I've got to the campus and has been in a classroom listening to professors lecture on pediatric patients in dentistry. When I got home, the weather was still very friendly with me, not hot but no rain. Partly Cloudy here. when he got home the weather becomes more extreme. Its very very HOT... Then I intend to use my vintage camera again, and although not as good as before, this is the result. With a choice of vintage pastel shirt, pink skirt from mom and red heels from fleurette and also vintage accessories from my mother, I set out to take photos at the plant near the house. Nothing interesting spot, so I can only take potluck only. Do not forget I brought Cute glasses that I bought when there are bazaars in the city, and Stripe Hat i love.. :-))

see you next time.. Love You All :-*

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Noortje mengatakan...

cute pictures and outfit girl! especially love the last pic xoxo

piapia mengatakan...

nice outfit! looks so lovely

Shirley mengatakan...

great outfit!!!lovely


Veronica mengatakan...

Nice pics! So cool!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!


Viv mengatakan...

gorgeous outfit, love the last photo of the vintage camera!


michelle_ mengatakan...

looking gorgeous in this summery outfit :)

glisters and blisters

Dika Dewi mengatakan...

Noortje & veronica : thanks, i love ur blog too. :-)

mich: Thanks btw.. U know i Love ur Blog, n ur charming outfit.

thank you have been willing to stop at my blog. :-*