Rabu, 02 Juli 2014


 I started to learn how things happen..When they said 'everything happens for a reason', but i can't find what are the reason. The reason for me to feel unhappy, the reason for me to had heart break, the reason for me to find you, to love you more and more each day, and what is the reason when i want you so much, i love you, you love me, but we cant be together?
This post i made specially for you, the one i love, the one who stole my heart when this heart broken into pieces ad you started to fix it, slowly but sure. Now i love you.. Thats my ego, i will not let you go, thats my ego too.. Thank You so much dear future husband.. I'm sorry for my un-perfect life ad my big ego. I Love You (WBW).

i was wearing:
Red dress and vintage coat from freija fleur
Red pump shoes from Decimal
Bracelets snd necklace from freija fleur

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Mitha Komala mengatakan...

love your style! looking gorgeous xx

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