Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

SACHLIRENE, my fave shoe product

Hello fellas..
Today i wanna talk about my new worldwide shoe line, which is newly opened in my country Indonesia, 'SACHLIRENE SHOES' .. This shoe brand has its own allure and unique character. I suddenly fall in love with all the products. 'SACHLIRENE SHOES' are pretty and exclusive!! 
 Let me explain more about this Shoe brand..
Sachlirene has severa advantages. First, this product has a unique characteristic with the sole, called WONDERSOLE. Each costumer will get a beautiful shoes and you will get a personal message on each shoe that you've purchased. You'll not know the message contents before you receive the shoes and touch it. 

Second, when you open the website, and choose your fave shoes, you can choose the shoe color as your wish. Yes, this website has their own feature called 'Choose My Colors'. This feature shows us how exclusive this shoe brand. Juust go to the product you want, select "choose my colors" option, and start using your creativity to find the perfect color combination.

Third, When you think you'll get un-fit shoe when you buy online, you dont need to worry if you buy on Sachlirene website. Because what? yea, that website provide us the features of size guide. This features helps you to choose the your corret size of yours. Just follow the procedures on the web, and you'll get the right size of your feet.
 And the last, SACHLIRENE provide extra comfie and easy on payment methode.  For Indonesian costumer, we can choose the payment methode, via paypal or via local bank transfer. If you choose the payment via bank transfer. After paying, please confirm your payment here or at the "Payment Confirmation" button on the website footer. Please note that we can’t process your order if you haven’t made a payment confirmation.

So, its so comfie and easy to shop the beautiful and exclusive shoes, right?? now, don't waste your time, just click on 'SACHLIRENE SHOES' and get your fave shoes.
And here are my fave shoes that i've choosed.

Don't forget to follow the Sachlirene account
Twitter : https://twitter.com/sachlirene
Facebook : www.facebook.com/sachlirene.id
Instagram :  @sachlirene_id

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Follow me dong hiks :-D @efrinawati

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Lovely color :D


Sarah Rizaga mengatakan...

love it all! so pretty!