Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Take a Black

Hello everyone.. Its been a long time i haven't post in that blog. Forgive me, because I get too serious with all the tasks I need to do on campus. And now all been resolved. The new round will come next month.
First of all, let me say "Happy New Year for All". Im so sorry for being late and very very late. With soaring expectations let's live with passion, perseverance and a sense of pleasure beyond measure  this year. 
And believe that everything was going very well and as expected. 
Tonight lets start the year with throwing up the sorrow, and take all the cakes and ale. Its been said and done, every beautiful thought's been already undertaken.. Then, what comes next?? No one knows, but everyone can make a way for their future with an imagination that can be done to make any real. 

Black dress made by me, Shoes: top shop, Clutch: LM for Hardware, 

Currently, I'm working on my new project. Create an online clothing store with the design and homemade clothes. Look forward the opening my online clothing store, as soon as possible.

9 komentar:

Damycool mengatakan...

You're so talented! Beautiful dress! Kisses!

sabrina maida mengatakan...

aww welcomeback. btw i love your deess and good luck for new bussines


Hope Adela Pasztor mengatakan...

That dress is positively ADORABLE! =)


Matthew mengatakan...

very cool look!

I really like the simple yet sophisticated look , you also have on the perfect accessories to match your chic outfit!



Estherina mengatakan...

You look so pretty!

Step into Estherina's World

sepatuholic mengatakan...

wow... you sewn the dress yourself, good job!
nice clutch and shoes.

Fashion to Go mengatakan...

Love your outfit, that little bow at the waist is adorable!

sartob, si tobing, tobbily mengatakan...

your dress looks amazing ;) & good luck!


Wynne Prasetyo mengatakan...

you made that dress? way to go!